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Echo Vox

Echo Vox

THEORY: When a ghost/spirit is trying to communicate with you, it may do so by using different vocal and environmental sounds that are programmed into the Echo Vox to make words for direct communication.



Step 1: Enter the session name. (Which will be the investigation site and date)


Step 2: Set the channel speed controls. Example is listed below. Set it to where the blue squares are. Set the echo delay to about 50%, which is where the blue square is. Then hit the start button.

Step 3: At this point start recording the session with a digital audio recorder. Set up a pre wrap with the digital recorder saying the time date and location, as well as an opening protection prayer. In the opening protection prayer, you should say “please protect me from any negative spirits out there, and only allow the positive spirits to come through.” You should only do 3-minute to 5-minute sessions at a time.

Step 4: Set the master reverb volume to approximately 7 or 8. The blue square shows you where the setting is. Then hit start reverb.

Step 5: Set up the channel blend controls. Choose Shuffle. Set the speed between 50% and 75%.


Step 6: Then press start.

At the end of each session, you need to do a close out prayer. In the close out prayer, you should say “whatever spirits that have come through this device must go back from where they came from and are not allowed to follow us home.” You may also say the prayer of St. Michael as well. Once you are done with your closing prayer, end your session by pressing stop. Then close out of the program. Once the device is powered down, the final step is to do a post wrap in your digital audio recorder.

RANGE: The Echo Vox has different word banks that is uses. Listed below are the different word banks and what each one is:

A: English Consonants          

B: English Consonants

C: English Consonants

D: Environmental Sounds

E: Hindi Consonants

F: English Consonants

READINGS: When using/analyzing this device you need to be very skeptical on what you find. Keep in mind when analyzing your data that you understand what matrixing is. If you do happen to record something that is paranormal it is called ITC, Instrumental Trans Communication. Once you find something we will classify the evidence by using a similar classification system as EVPs. Class A will be 100% clear. Everyone you play the evidence for will agree on what is being said. Class B will be about a 50-50 split. Half of the people who listen to your evidence will agree on one thing and the other half will agree on another. And Class C will be when there are multiple possibilities on what is being said.

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