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EMF Multi Detektor II

EMF Multi Detektor II

FACT: EMF meters detect electromagnetic fields.


Theory #1: When a spirit/ghost manifests, it gives off an electromagnetic field, which may be picked up by an EMF meter.

Theory #2: When a spirit/ghost manifests, it needs energy to do so. In an area where there is a high EMF field, the spirit/ghost may draw in that high EMF and manifest.

HOW TO USE: The first thing you want to do is to set the meter to X-1. When you’re in the field you want to walk around away from other people and hold the button on the side, looking for any type of readings. While you’re walking around, check for any type of power lines or power outlets because it can affect your readings. If you get a paranormal reading, try to find out what the cause may be.

RANGE: The range on this meter is 0mg to 11mg. The range from the meter to the active field is 0 to 30 feet.

READINGS: Readings on all EMF meters are in milligauss (mg). A normal reading with this EMF meter is 0mg to 3mg. A paranormal reading with this EMF meter is from 4mg to 7mg.

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