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Energy Loss Meter

Energy Loss Meter

FACT: This meter detects battery voltage.


Theory # 1: When a spirit/ghost starts to manifest, it is said that the spirit/ghost will draw in any energy around the area. In theory, if a spirit/ghost starts to manifest, the meter will have a sudden drop in battery power.

Theory # 2: The Bermuda Triangle Theory. When airplanes, helicopters, and boats go through the Bermuda Triangle, their gauges may malfunction due to a high electro magnetic field in that area.  


HOW TO USE: Turn on the meter and write down the starting voltage. If the battery is below 7 volts, change it. This meter uses a 9-volt battery. While out in the field you should walk around holding the meter steady, making sure you do not make any sudden movements because it may cause the needle to jump. You are looking for any erratic movement from the needle and/or sudden drops/drainage in voltage. At the end of the investigation, you will write down the readings that you have gotten.

RANGE: The range on the meter is 0 to 15 volts. The range from the meter to the active field is 0 to 1 foot.

READINGS: A normal reading is whatever the voltage of the battery is when you turn it on, with no unusual movement or sudden drops. A paranormal reading is any erratic movement through the needle and/or any sudden drops in battery voltage.

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