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GC-01 Geiger Counter

GC-01 Geiger Counter

FACT:  This Geiger Counter detects gamma radiation, beta radiation, and X-Rays.

THEORY:  In theory, when a spirit/ghost manifests it may give off some kind of radiation.  

HOW TO USE:  Press the power button and the meter should light up.  Once the meter is lit up, it’s ready to use. 

RANGE:  The range on the Geiger Counter is 0.00μSv/h to 1000μSv/h.  The range from the meter to the active field is 0feet to 10 feet.

READINGS:  The unit of measure for this Geiger Counter is μSv/h, microsieverts per hour.  Normal readings occur between 0.00μSv/h to 0.990μSv/h.  Paranormal readings occur between 1.00μSv/h to 5.00μSv/h.

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