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FACT: A geophone is a device that will detect seismic activity, and vibrations through soil, rocks, and vibrations caused by movement on a surface. This device will also detect vibrations caused by sound waves.

THEORY: In theory, after a spirit/ghost has manifested and is moving around, it may create a vibration on the ground that will be detected by the geophone.

HOW TO USE: The first thing you want to do is plug the sensor into the device and then place it in an area where there is paranormal activity noted. Turn the knob on and set it to the correct sensitivity setting level. LIPI uses the first setting at 25% or 9:00. All settings are listed below:

1st setting - 25% (9:00) - Most sensitive to vibrations

2nd setting - 50% (12:00) - Normal sensitivity to vibrations

3rd setting - 75% (3:00) - Least sensitivity to vibrations

RANGE: The ranges from the probe to the active field will vary depending on the ground surface and how vibrations can move through the surface. Listed below is a general range to the active field according to the type of surface the device is places on:

Concrete - 0 feet to less than 1 foot

Grass - 0 - 3 feet

Dirt/soil - 0 - 5 feet

Wood Flooring - 0 – 5 feet

Carpet Flooring - 0 – 5 feet

READINGS: If the meter does not pick up any activity, note that there was no paranormal activity through the geophone in the field report. If the meter lights up then that means that there is some type of activity. The lights will start to light up when the meter starts to detect surface movement. The more lights that light up, mean that the surface movement is stronger and closer to the device.

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