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Germanium Diode

Germanium Diode

FACT: Germanium is a metalloid element (Ge) (atomic number 32 on the Periodic Table of Elements). It is crystalline and often used in semi-conductor manufacturing. Natural and synthetic crystals have been used to tune radio receivers. Early AM radios used a crystal for reception. The power of the AM signal operated the radio (no external power source).

THEORY: The Germanium Diode is used as a basic form of the Frank's Box. Originally called the “Ghost Box,” the box scans a range of AM radio frequencies that inventor, Frank Sumption, claims are most used by paranormal entities. Chris Moon later modified the box (and changed the name to "Frank's Box") to allow for tuning to specific AM radio settings. A Germanium Diode can receive AM radio signals if the signal is strong enough. There is no tuning; the diode receives all frequencies available. In theory, if a nearby paranormal entity is trying to communicate on an AM frequency, the diode will receive it.

HOW TO USE: Solder a Germanium Diode to a standard microphone plug. Attach the cathode end to the plug's center terminal and the anode end to the outer terminal. Plug the diode into the microphone jack on an audio recorder (digital is preferred) and turn on the recorder. Any AM radio signals received will be recorded. You can also ask EVP questions. Note that since the power level of the diode input is very low, certain models of audio recorders may not fully switch over from the internal microphone to external microphone input. It may be necessary to cover the recorder's internal microphone to prevent audio contamination.

RANGE: 0 to 10 feet. Possibly more or less depending on the strength of the signal.

READINGS: While analyzing the recording you are looking for voices that were not present during the time of recording. You want to see if any of the questions you’ve asked were answered. Be aware of normal radio broadcast signals that might be misinterpreted as EVPs.

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