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GS2 Laser Grid System

GS2 Laser Grid System

THEORY: When a laser grid is projected into an area, and a paranormal entity crosses into the grid, it will break the beam and will give a visual confirmation of the presence of something, even if the entity itself isn't visible to the naked eye. Also, by using grid laser beams, it will be possible to determine the size, shape, speed, and direction of the entity as it passes through the grid field. A personal laser pointer (dot projection) can be used to spot-check a specific location. To cover a wider area the laser grid system should be placed at a significant distance from the active area.

SAFETY NOTE: The laser used in this system is safe for exposure to bare skin. However, caution should be used when viewing the beam. Injuries to the eye and/or vision may occur if the beam is viewed directly into the eye. Also, any form of optical magnification and/or focusing can enhance the power of the beam and cause greater injury including loss of sight. This includes binoculars, telescopes, SLR camera lenses, eyeglasses and contact lenses. Also do not shine the laser light into any camera optics, which include digital camera and video cameras, because it may damage the camera.

HOW TO USE: Start by setting the GS2 Laser grid system on a tripod. This device must be set up on a tripod because the bottom of the device is not sturdy enough to place on a flat surface and could give a false reading. Then take the red cover off of the device that is covering the laser light and sensors. Follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  • The GS2 Laser Grid System should only be used indoors, in a small to medium size room, and in low light or total darkness. Ambient light will degrade the range and effectiveness of the projected grid.

  • Position the laser grid to project the grid across the line of travel (right angle to the line of travel) you want to observe. Common lines of travel for paranormal entities include hallways, doorways, staircases, open rooms etc. Ideally the grid should project along a wall or other solid structure for better viewing.

  • Place a video or DVR camera behind the GS2 Laser Grid system facing the direction of the beam, and device. Note: The device should also be in camera view because if there is any activity that occurs the screen on the device will indicate what is being viewed.)

  • Turning on the GS2 Laser Grid System. Once the device is in place, do not move the device once you turn it on because it will have to recalibrate and take a new base reading. Press the button on the right side of the device, the device will beep and a blue line on the top will start to blink. This means that the device is setting up and taking base readings. This process takes about 1 minute. Once the blue light goes off, a white blinking light will come on with a jingle sound and then the white light will turn off. When this occurs that means the device is ready to use. Note: There may be a few times that the device will automatically restart and the light bar on the top will start blinking blue to reset the device. Don’t worry if this occurs.

RANGE: The laser grid system has a range of detection from 0 feet to 20 feet length and a width of 0 feet to 10 feet. On the Distance Bar the range is 0 feet to 4 feet.


READINGS: Air-conditioning, fans, heating vents, and wind will cause the meter to go off giving you a possible false positive. When reviewing the video or analyzing photographs, watch for anything that crosses the laser grid. The general outline of the entity will show as it passes through the laser grid. You will also be able to detect readings from what is listed below:

  • Surface Temperatures as a baseline temperature

  • Ambient Temperatures if it affects the baseline temperature

  • Direction: which direction the anomaly is moving in

  • Motion: If there is a break in one of the lasers the device will sound

  • Distance: The device will inform you approximately how far an anomaly is

  • Size and Shape: The device will show you approximately how big or small the anomaly is

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