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IM-179 Geiger Counter

IM-179 Geiger Counter

FACT: This Geiger Counter detects gamma radiation.

THEORY: In theory, when a spirit/ghost manifests it may give off some kind of radiation.

HOW TO USE: Hold down the “test” button to check the battery, if it jumps into the red area, the battery is good. In the field you must hold down the “read” button to get a reading.

RANGE: The range on the meter is .02r/hr to 200r/hr. The range from the meter to the active field is 0 – 10 feet.

READINGS: A normal reading is 0 to 1. A paranormal reading can range from 1 to 20 and/or erratic movement through the needle. The unit of measure that this Geiger Counter uses is r/hr, rads per hour.

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