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K-II Meter

K-II Meter

FACT: This meter detects EMF Electro Magnetic Fields and Radio Frequencies.


Theory # 1: When a spirit/ghost manifests, it may give off an Electromagnetic field, which may be picked up by an EMF meter.

Theory # 2: When a spirit/ghost manifests, it needs energy to do so. In an area where there is a high EMF field, the spirit/ghost may draw in that high EMF and manifest.

Theory # 3: In theory, a spirit can communicate with you through this meter by lighting up the LED lights. There would be 2 dashes of light if the answer is yes, and 1 dash of light if the answer is no. (This is Chris Fleming’s theory on the K-II Meter.)

Theory # 4: If a ghost/spirit wants to communicate with you it may try and do so by using radio frequencies that are available, which may cause this meter to react.

Theory # 5: When a ghost/spirit is manifesting it may give off a radio frequency that may be picked up by this meter.


HOW TO USE: Hold the button on the front of the meter. Point the meter away from you, scanning the area for any variations of magnetic fields. If the meter gets a reading, try to locate where the reading is coming from by going over your previous pathway. When the investigation is complete, write down your readings in the field report.

RANGE: The range on this EMF meter is 1mg to 20+mg. The range from the meter to the active field is 0 to 6 feet.

READINGS: The unit of measurement on all EMF meters is milligauss (mg). Normal activity through this meter is 0mg to 2mg. Paranormal activity occurs between 2.5mg to 10mg. Any readings above 10mg is probably non paranormal. There are many things that can throw off EMF readings, such as speakers, electrical wires, television sets, computers, appliances, electrical outlets, romex cable, power lines etc., so be aware of your surroundings. The readings for theory # 3 is that the LED lights will blink twice for yes, and once for no.

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