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Laser Projector

Laser Projector

THEORY: When the laser dots are projected into an area, and a paranormal entity crosses the dots, it will cause a break in the projection. This will give a visual confirmation of the presence of something, even if the entity itself isn't visible to the naked eye. Also, by using dot projection, it may be possible to determine the size and shape of the entity as it passes through the projection field.

HOW TO USE: A dot projection can be used to cover a wider area for a greater period of time. Unlike the Class 2M laser the Laser Projector covers more of the surface area it is being directed towards.

SAFETY NOTE: A Laser Projector is safe for exposure to bare skin. However, caution should be used when viewing the beam. Injuries to the eye and/or vision may occur if the beam is viewed directly into the eye. Also, any form of optical magnification and/or focusing can enhance the power of the beam and cause greater injury including loss of sight. This includes binoculars, telescopes, SLR camera lenses, eyeglasses and contact lenses.

  • The laser is best used indoors and in low light or total darkness. Ambient light will degrade the range and effectiveness of the projected beam.

  • Position the laser projector dots across the line of travel you want to observe. Common lines of travel for paranormal entities include hallway, doorway, staircase, etc. Ideally the beam should terminate along a wall or other solid structure for better viewing. Do not point the laser along the line of travel.

  • The laser should be placed on a flat and level dry surface (the laser is not water/weatherproof!). The laser can also be attached to a camera tripod.

  • Place a video or DVR camera behind or next to the laser, facing the direction of the beam.

  • To observe if something breaks the beam, place the camera next to the laser such that it has a clear angled view of the dots projected on the wall. Be aware this angle, however, may not show the outline of the entity.

    To observe the outline of the entity place the camera directly behind the laser.

  • Activate the laser by plugging it in. Observe the dots projection on the wall and make sure it is able to be seen with its accompanying camera.

  • Activate the camera recorder to document anything that passes by.

RANGE: The laser has an effective range of at least 55 feet. Greater range may be possible depending on the environmental conditions. However, the laser projector may not be bright enough to fully appear on video or photographs for accurate documentation.

READINGS: When reviewing the video or analyzing photographs, watch for anything that crosses the laser dots. The general outline of the entity will show as it passes through the projectors spread. Note the approximate height and width of the entity.

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