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Motion Sensor IR Camera

Motion Sensor IR Camera

THEORY: A motion sensor will pick up any kind of movement that passes in front of the sensor. In theory, after a spirit/ghost has manifested and is moving around, it may pass in front of a motion sensor causing the unit to take a photograph.

HOW TO USE: The first thing you want to do is make sure there are 8 AA-batteries in the device along with a memory card. Then mount the device in place to where it will be set for the night. Then turn the device on by selecting either photo or video. Set the time and date. Once you are finished the camera will start a 15 second countdown, and then the camera is ready to use. The camera will automatically set to take daytime or nighttime shots according to the amount of light in the area. The camera has infrared (IR) capability. The camera has a 5 second delay between photos, and a 15 second delay for video. If you choose the video setting it will record up to 30 seconds per video.

RANGE: The range of the sensor to the active field is 0 to 40 feet. The sensor will detect movement from a 45° angle.

READINGS: When analyzing the photographs, you are looking for any type of anomalies in the photos that cannot be explained. When using a digital camera there will be many times that you get orbs in your photos. Because the digital camera is a higher quality than the 35mm camera, it will pick up more objects in the air such as water vapor and dust particles. Some of the things you are looking for when analyzing photographs are: orbs, mists, streaks, apparitions, etc.

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