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Ovilus IV

Ovilus IV

THEORY: The Ovilus IV allows a spirit to use different environmental conditions such as EMF (electro magnetic fields), RF (radio frequencies), static electricity, and microwaves, to communicate with us in real time. Depending on what mode you decide to use, that is what determines how the spirit will communicate with you. This theory is known as ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication).

HOW TO USE: Turn the device to the ON position and wait 10 seconds for the screen to appear. Once the screen appears choose which mode you are going to use. NOTE: if you choose either the dictionary mode or the phonetic mode, be sure to record your session using as audio recorder. All the different modes are listed below.

NOTE: In the opening protection prayer you should say “please protect me from any negative spirits out there, and only allow the positive spirits to come through.” You should only do 3-minute to 5-minute sessions at a time. At the end of each session, you need to do a close out prayer. In the close out prayer, you should say “whatever spirits that have come through this device must go back from where they came from and are not allowed to follow us home.” You may also say the prayer of St. Michael as well. Once you are done with your closing prayer turn the device off by switching the button to off.

RANGE: The range of the Ovilus IV is unknown, due to the different environmental factors it uses to communicate.

READINGS: When using/analyzing this device you need to be very skeptical on what you find. Make sure while using/analyzing your data that you understand what matrixing is. If you do happen to record something that is paranormal it is called ITC, Instrumental Trans Communication.

NOTE: Currently L.I.P.I. is in the process of testing this device in the field. We are trying to determine exactly what type of environmental conditions such as EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields), RF (Radio Frequencies), Static Electricity, Microwaves, Gamma and Beta Radiation, Pressure differences, Temperature fluctuations, and Ions that will make the meter react. Once we determine what conditions affect this device more extensive research will occur. Once we test all of the different variables, we will have a full report on our website.

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