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P-SB7 Spirit Box

P-SB7 Spirit Box

THEORY: When a ghost/spirit is trying to communicate with you, it may do so by using different radio frequencies, for real time communication.


HOW TO USE: Turn on the device by holding the power button for 3 seconds. You may or may not use the antenna for better communication. Choose either an AM or FM frequency. Whichever one you decide to use, make sure that you log that frequency down in the field report. Then choose the sweep rate of 300ms (milliseconds). The sweep rate is the speed that the device will scan through each frequency. Then choose sweep forward, and hold that button down for 3 seconds. At this point the device should start scanning. Make sure your volume control is loud enough for you to hear. (If the device is not loud enough then you can add external speakers.) Once the device is set up start recording the session with a digital audio recorder. Set up a pre wrap with the digital recorder saying the time date and location, as well as an opening protection prayer. In the opening protection prayer, you should say “please protect me from any negative spirits out there, and only allow the positive spirits to come through.” You should only do 3-minute to 5-minute sessions at a time. At the end of each session, you need to do a close out prayer. In the close out prayer, you should say “whatever spirits that have come through this device must go back from where they came from and are not allowed to follow us home.” You may also say the prayer of St. Michael as well. Once you are done with your closing prayer turn the device off by holding the power button down for 3 seconds. Once the device is powered down, the final step is to do a post wrap in your digital audio recorder.



The scan range for AM frequencies is 530kHz to 1710kHz. The sweep rate range for AM frequencies is 200milliseconds to 500milliseconds.


The scan range for FM frequencies is 76MHz to 108MHz. The sweep rate range for FM frequencies is 100milliseconds to 350milliseconds.

READINGS: When analyzing your recordings, you need to be extremely careful that you do not mistake normal radio broadcasts for spirit communication. Always have a second opinion on what you may have found before you put the analysis in a final field report. Make sure while analyzing your data that you understand what matrixing is. If you do happen to record something that is paranormal it is called RVP, Radio Voice Phenomenon, which is when you get disembodied voices through radio devices. This term should not be mistaken for EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

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