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Plasma Ball

Plasma Ball

FACT: Plasma is a hot ionized gas containing approximately equal positive and negative ions. The plasma ball uses an electrode (commonly referred to as a Tesla coil) in the center of a glass casing with different types of gases. A voltage is then introduced to the electrode creating an electric current that goes from the electrode to the glass through these gases. Different gases produce different colors. (Ours has nitrogen, which will be pinkish in color). When the glass is touched the electric current tries to go through the point of contact to the ground allowing you to manipulate the streaks of light. Our plasma light also comes with a vibration setting. 


Theory # 1: When a ghost/spirit manifests it may give off an electromagnetic field, which may interfere with the electric current being produced.


Theory # 2: When a ghost/spirit manifests it may give off a static charge, which may interfere with the electric current being produced.


Theory # 3: A ghost/spirit may interact with the plasma ball as a form of communication with you. The ghost/spirit may manipulate the electric current in different ways depending on what you are asking the ghost/spirit to do.


Theory # 4: After a ghost/spirit has manifested and is moving around, it may create a vibration on the ground that the plasma ball could detect. 

HOW TO USE: The first thing you must do is place the plasma ball on a level surface. Plug the plasma ball into a source of power. Place a camera facing the device to capture any activity. The plasma ball has two settings. The first setting is continuous power, which will give a constant flow of electric current to the plasma ball keeping it on. The second setting is vibration, which will only trigger the electric current when there is a strong enough vibration.


1st Setting:

  • Non-Contact: Electrical interferences within 0 feet – 2 feet can set off this device.

  • Direct Contact: For the electrical current to interact you must touch the glass.

2nd Setting: Vibration:

  • Concrete - 0 feet to less than 1 foot

  • Grass - 0 - 3 feet

  • Wood Flooring - 0 – 5 feet

  • Carpet Flooring - 0 – 5 feet

Note: This meter is sensitive enough to pick up the vibrations in your voice up to 4 feet away. 

READINGS: If there was no unusual activity, note that there was no paranormal activity. If there was unusual/erratic movement of the electric current or vibration causing the electrical current to go off it may be possible paranormal activity.  

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