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Static Pods

Static Pods

FACT: The Static Pods detect static electricity from several sources. Here are some examples of static electricity: clothing such as nylon and fleece, television sets, carpeted floors, etc., give off the most static electricity.

THEORY: In theory when a ghost/spirit manifests it will give off a static electric charge that can be picked up by the pods.


  1. Check the weather for the day, paying close attention to see if there are any thunderstorms in the area because this may have an effect on your readings.

  2. Bend the wire so it is standing upright.

  3. Place the 9 volt batteries in the box to turn on.

  4. Place the Static Pods in a room with a video camera to record any readings you may pick up. You should place more than one for better results.

  5. After the investigation is complete, remove the battery and make sure to bend the wire around the box so you don't ruin it.

RANGE: The Unit of measurement for this meter is kilovolts per inch kV/inch. The range from the meter to the active field is from 0 – 2 feet.


READINGS: Be aware of the weather patterns that day and check the environment on location because things may throw off your readings. The Static Pods will pick up the static off your cloths so make sure to stay clear of them during the investigation. Paranormal activity occurs when the light goes off by itself and there is no movement happening around the device.

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