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Strobe Light

Strobe Light

FACT: When viewing movable objects with a strobe light, they appear to move slower than they actual are.

CLAIMS: There have been reports that when people see an apparition or a shadow person etc., they claim that it moves extremely fast down a hallway or into a room etc.

THEORY: If you set up a strobe light where there has been activity of an apparition or shadow person, in theory, when the apparition or shadow person enters into the room, hallway, etc., it may slow down the movement of the apparition or shadow person so you will be able to capture it on either photographs or video.


  1. Set up the strobe light in an active area.

  2. Turn the strobe light on to the “medium” speed.

  3. When using the strobe light there should either be a video camera or a photograph camera available. NOTE: If you take pictures while the strobe light is on, the flickering light may interfere with your photographs.


RANGE: The ideal range for this strobe light would be a medium size room or small hallway. For larger strobe lights, you can set them up in larger rooms and longer hallways.

READINGS: What you are looking for is any strange and/or unusual movement.

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