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Thermal Imaging Digital Camera

Thermal Imaging Digital Camera

FACT: All objects give off different temperatures. The FLIR C2 camera can pick up the surface temperature of different objects.

THEORY: In theory when a spirit/ghost starts to manifest, it will draw in heat energy around the area, causing either a cold spot or a hot spot. A cold spot would form because the heat energy is being sucked out of the air, causing the air around the entity to be cold. A hot spot would form because the heat energy is being sucked out of the air and confined to a specific area, causing a hot spot.


HOW TO USE: Once you turn the camera on give it 20 seconds for it to calibrate before you start taking pictures. When the camera is calibrating it is gathering information deciding what the highest and lowest temperatures are. We use the finest setting for taking pictures, which is the highest quality. While in the field take random pictures of an area, making sure you point the camera away from you and others. You don’t want to be to close to others when taking a picture because if you capture part of them, then it will change the temperature scheme for that photo, and you may miss something abnormal. Besides taking pictures of just random areas you also want to take pictures when asking EVP questions, or if there is any activity on any of the equipment.


RANGE: The effective range of the FLIR C2 Digital Camera is approximately 0 feet to 55 feet.


READINGS: When analyzing the photographs, you are looking for any type of unusual temperature anomalies in the photos that cannot be explained. The cold temperatures are represented by the colors: black, purple, blue, and light blue. The neutral temperature is represented by the color of green. The hot temperatures are represented by the colors of yellow, dark red, red, and white.

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