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Wind Meter

Wind Meter

FACT: The wind meter detects wind speed and ambient air temperature.


Theory # 1: When a spirit/ghost starts to manifest itself, it may cause a gust of wind. If you are asking EVP questions and you ask the spirit/ghost to give you a sign, it may cause a slight breeze, which can be picked up by a wind meter.


Theory # 2: In certain haunted locations there may be claims that the spirit/ghost runs past people, causing a gust of wind. A wind meter can pick up this sudden gust of wind.

RANGE: The range of the wind meter will pick up winds from 0mph – 65mph

HOW TO USE: The first thing you should do is check the weather conditions that day to see what the wind speed is. During the investigation hold the wind meter in the air making sure you don’t block the intake of the meter and take readings. If you get any gusts of wind, find out what direction it came from and investigate the area. When the investigation is overwrite down your readings in the field report.

  • Step 1: Turn on the wind meter by holding down the mode button for 2 seconds.

  • Step 2 Make sure the mph setting is on and the meter is set to average speed. Hold the mode button down for 3 seconds then press the set button until you get to mph then press the mode button. Repeat to set to average speed.

  • Step 3: Turn off the meter by holding down the mode and set button at the same time.

READINGS: You are looking for any gusts of wind that might feel out of the ordinary. If there are any gusts of wind 5mph over the weather reports, for outdoor investigations than it may be paranormal. For an indoor investigation if there are no drafts around than paranormal activity could be any reading higher than 1mph.

EXTRAS: This meter also has an ambient thermometer built into it that will detect temperature changes from 1 foot away.

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