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Historical Background:

On January 3, 1997 at 8:00 p.m. New York City Firefighter James Halversen was running around the Centereach High School Track, when three teenagers shot and killed him along the West side of the track. One of the teenagers wanted to kill someone so they drove to Centereach high school track and hid in some bushes about 50 feet from the North East corner of the track when James came around the bend of the track the teenagers shot and killed him.

Paranormal Activity Reported At This Site:

During football games at the high school the visitor bleachers are usually empty, because it is close to the North East corner of the track and also when people do sit there they feel like they are being watched, possible by the presence of James Halversen.

When people run around the track they have been known to avoid the North East corner and the 5th lane of the track. Some people even run on the grass to avoid that part of the track all together. People say that they have sighted a white glowing object in the North East corner of the track. Others have seen a man running on the 5th lane of the track and then just disappear.

Daytime view of the running tack.
Aerial photo of the entire track (from Google Earth).
LIPI on a night investigation at the running track.
LIPI on a night investigation at the running track, West side.
A mist appears in lane 4 on the running track of Centereach High School. The murder took place in lane 5.

This mist was several feet away from the investigators. It is not breath.

(the marks on the right side of the photo are finger prints on the scanned picture)


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