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The Stone Tape Theory states that if a person was extremely attached to an object or area, that when the person passes away there energy will be attached to that specific item or area, causing a specific object to cause paranormal activity. If you remove the object, then the paranormal activity should stop.

The Stone Tape Theory also states that if a person goes through a traumatic event, that the energy is imprinted in that location or in the stones in the area such as quartz causing a residual haunting to occur. The activity is like a tape player, playing over and over again. Usually there is some type of pattern in time when this will occur or a mechanism for the energy to be released for the residual haunting to occur. For example a location that has numerous accounts of reported residual hauntings is Gettysburg Battlefield Pennsylvania. There were many casualties on the grounds creating an imprint in that area.

There are areas around the world that have many reported residual hauntings. Many of these locations sit on high contents of quartz, granite, and other types of stones. Many researchers believe that that mechanism that releases the residual haunting is a minor earthquake. A simple shake of the earths crust and poof a residual haunting.

Listed below is an example of some locations and objects that may have an attachment:

Wheat Field Gettysburg PA, Theodore Roosevelt House Oyster Bay NY,

Civil War Rifles and Jimi Hendrix Guitar

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