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Bates House

Bates House

A Brief History: The Bates House is located at 1 Bates Road Setauket-East Setauket New York. The Bates house was established in 1924. The original owner is listed as a private residence. The house is over 2400 square feet and was acquired by the town in 1955. The house contains a living room, a kitchen and a room called the Jennie

Melville Ballroom. The Bates House also has an outside patio. It is currently used for small party’s and gatherings. The Bates House sits nestled in Frank Melville Park. In the 1600s Indian tribes were in this area where Mill Pond is. During the American Revolution the British controlled Setauket until there was a battle that took place near this site. The Culper Spy Ring was known to be in this area.

Haunted History: There have been claims of feeling extreme cold spots in the house on a hot summer day. People have also claimed to see an apparition of a gray man walking towards the pond. There have also been claims of seeing shadowy figures all through the property.

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