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Central Islip Psychiatric Center

Central Islip Psychiatric Center

A Brief History: Central Islip Psychiatric Center, also known as Manhattan State Hospital, is located off Carlton Avenue in Central Islip, NY next to the district court house and Ducks Stadium. It was built in 1887, opened in 1889 and closed in 1997. It was one of the four largest facilities of its kind. Most of the buildings were demolished or re-purposed for use by NYIT. In 2006 condominiums were built replacing the power plant.

Just as Kings Park opened due to overcrowding in the Brooklyn facility, Central Islip Psychiatric was opened due to overcrowding in the Manhattan facility. In the early days patients were brought there by trains. Later vans were used to transport patients.

The center opened with 89 patients both male and female. Early forms of rehabilitation included O & O (Occupation and Oxygen) and R & R (Rest and Relaxation) and farm work therapy. The center was self-sufficient. They owned their own trains, cars, vans, laundry, workshops, and firehouse. They cooked on the premises in a large kitchen and served meals in a dining hall. Patients did most of work as part of their therapy. In the late 1950’s treatment went on to include lobotomies and electro shock. By 1955 the facility was overcrowded housing over 10,000 patients.

The two most notable buildings are the Sunburst and Corcoran buildings. Built in the late 1950’s the Corcoran building has its own underground tunnels connecting various buildings to each other. NYIT still uses these tunnels today. In 2008 the Corcoran building and the fire house were both demolished.

Haunted History: Hauntings include claims of seeing full body apparitions and of people walking on the floors above you. Others claim hearing doors opening and closing on their own, people talking to each other when no one else was around and being touched. People have also heard screams coming from the abandoned buildings when no one is around.

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