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Coindre Hall

Coindre Hall

A Brief History: Coindre Hall, formerly known as the French renaissance style mansion of pharmaceutical magnate of George McKesson Brown sits at 101 Browns Road in Huntington, NY. After 6 years of construction, Coindre Hall was completed. The residence boasted an indoor pool, servants’ quarters, a boathouse, gatehouse, and stable. A member of Long Island high society, McKesson belonged to two yacht clubs and the New York Horticultural Society. During the Stock Market Crash of 1929 George McKesson lost his fortune and with it his chateau. During prohibition, the boating house and underground tunnels were used by bootleggers to smuggle illegal alcohol.

Ownership of the property then went to the Brothers of Sacred Heart who turned it into a boarding school and summer retreat. They also renamed the location Coindre Hall in honor of the late Father Andre’ Coindre. They ran the school until it closed in 1971. Then through the mid-1980s the building was the Eagle Hill School. The school specialized in teaching students with learning disabilities. Coindre Hall is now a multipurpose venue specializing in weddings. In 1973 Coindre Hall Park was placed under the control of the Suffolk County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Conservation. Then in 1985 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Haunted History: Visitors to Coindre Hall have reported strange occurrences. Some people have claimed to see figures in vintage clothing moving about the building. On occasion people have reported that they thought they saw someone resembling a 1930s gangster on the property. If you happen to attend a wedding at Coindre Hall keep your eyes peeled for guests of another era. Who knows who you may come across.

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