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Country House Restaurant

Country House Restaurant

A Brief History: The Country House Restaurant is located 1175 N. Country Rd. in Stony brook, NY. It was built in 1710 used originally as a home with a farm. It was owned by the same family for centuries and used for multiple things such as a stagecoach drop off. At one point it housed British troops during the Revolutionary War. Eventually it became the home of British actor Thomas Haddaway in the 1800s. In 1970, it became known as the “1710 house,” then reopened as the “Haddaway house,” Finally becoming the Country House Restaurant in 1978.

Haunted History: It is supposedly haunted by Annette Williamson, the child of a former owner. The legend states that Annette was left behind to tend to the house and farm while her family went to check in on their other farm in New Jersey. The British came and set up house, not knowing what to do, she allowed them to stay. Eventually the British moved out and she was looked at by the towns’ people as a British spy. She was trapped in her own house and hung from the second story rafters and is allegedly buried in a small graveyard on the property. She is said to haunt the kitchen and stairway. There are tales of cries being heard by visitors and the staff and light bulbs draining for attention from guests.

It is also thought that she may not be the only spirit there. Former owner Thomas Haddaway and his neighbor, William Sydney Mount, an American painter, hosted a lot of séances in the home, drawing in unknown spirits and is believed these dark spirits may still be lingering around the restaurant.

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