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Kings Park Psychiatric Center - Building 07

Kings Park Psychiatric Center - Building 07

A Brief History: Building 7 is the most recently constructed building on the property of Kings Park Psychiatric Center. The building itself was built in 1966. This building stands about 10 stories tall and is accompanied by a giant cube located at the top of the structure. (The cube has been taken down sometime in 2017.) The architectural design is considered modern by today’s standard. This building sits directly in front of buildings 21 and 22 and is connected to those buildings by a breezeway.

This building was used as a medical/surgical facility and also contained medical offices. The building is most famous for its morgue which sits on the first floor. This building was used for surgeries and also housed the hospital’s most physically ill patients. Building 7 is connected to buildings 21 and 22 by above ground tunnels. Buildings 21 and 22 housed patients and the above ground tunnels made it easy and safe to transport patients from building to building. The cube at the top of the building was used for water storage. After its closure the cube was used to support antennas for the Town of Smithtown Public Safety and the Kings Park Fire Department. This building had full running electricity up until 2001. Although this building is the newest and still stands today it remains in bad physical condition.

Haunted History: People have claimed that they have heard screams and have seen apparitions inside the buildings. Investigators in our group experienced someone running up to them even though there were no other people in the building or in the area around the building. Other claims in this building include loud bangs and the unexplained sound of people walking. There have also been claims of seeing a woman in a white gown roaming the halls and then disappear.

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