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Mary’s Grave

Mary’s Grave

There are many stories that go along with Mary’s Grave. All of these stories have been being told for many years now and I’m sure that many of them were added stories throughout the years. No one really knows what actually happed.

Here is a list of all of the stories that go along with Mary’s Grave.

  • 1st story: Mary was cheating on her boyfriend, and when he found out he took her in the woods behind her house and hung her on a tree. It is said that if you are walking in the woods behind Mary’s house you will see her hanging from the tree.

  • 2nd story: While Mary’s boyfriend was in the Revolutionary War he was cheating on her with another woman, when he came home Mary found out that he’d been cheating on her so she brought him into the woods and killed him. Later on when people found out about it they took her into the woods and murdered her in the same spot.

  • 3rd story: Mary’s boyfriend was a sailor in one of the wars and while he was away she used to keep the bedroom light on, on the second floor so when he came home he would see her house and know it was her. Many years past and she did not hear from him so she got very depressed and committed suicide by hanging herself on a tree in front of her house. Supposedly when you drive past her house at night you can still see the bedroom light on. Also while driving down the road you may either see her hanging from the tree in front of her house or while driving under the tree you will hear scraping on the roof of your car, that supposed to be her feet dangling from the tree.

  • 4th story: While driving down the road where Mary’s house is, if you are driving with 2 cars and only one car passes you on the way in one of your cars will not make it out.

  • 5th story: While you are parked in front of Mary’s house, if you flash your head lights and honk your horn then turn off your car supposedly when you go to turn your car on it won’t start.

  • 6th story: Supposedly Mary was a witch that killed children. When the locals found out what was happening to all of the missing children they burnt her at the stake and buried her remains in a potters field so no one knows who she is and where she is buried.

  • 7th story: Two boys raped and murdered Mary right out side of her house. Supposedly while driving down the road you will see a while shadowing figure standing there and right when you drive passed she jumps out at your car trying to make you crash. (This only happens if you are male.)

  • 8th story: Supposedly her tombstone is behind her house in the woods, and when you find the tombstone you will see her name on it and the year she died. Many people claim that they took photos and video of the grave but when they got the pictures developed, or viewed the video tape the tombstone was blank.

  • 9th story: On the road where Mary’s house is there is a small stone building where supposedly Mary got murdered. If you hold a cross and knock three times on this building you supposedly wake the dead.

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