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Montauk Manor

Montauk Manor

A Brief History: The Montauk Manor was first visualized by millionaire industrialist Carl Fisher in 1925. He wanted to create an opulent hotel out on the east end of Long Island. The hotel opened for business during the spring of 1927. It became a playground for the wealthy and famous of the 1920s. People relaxed, played croquet, and attended fancy balls on the 10,000-acre estate. The area became known as the “Miami Beach of the North.” The stock market collapse of 1929 hit Fisher hard. He lost his fortunes, and the Montauk Manor like many of his other ventures started their decline from grandeur. The hotel has since been restored and is once again a well-known resort in Montauk.

Haunted History: The Montauk Manor is host to varying paranormal claims. Interestingly the claims deal more with Native Americans, rather than people of the Roaring Twenties. This may be due to the resort’s lesser-known past. Next to the manor is a cemetery that was once a Native American cemetery, as well as meeting location for various tribes to discuss politics. There is a sign inside the cemetery which points out the location of “Meeting Rock.” The natives were forced out of using the property and it was turned into a cemetery for non-Native Americans.

To this day people claim to hear the sounds of drumbeats and chanting around the property. There have also been reports of visitors seeing a man in Native American dress standing in the shadows and corners on the 4th floor of the hotel.

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