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Normandy Inn

Normandy Inn

A Brief History: The Normandie Inn was built in the early 1920s for Czech Royalty. The Normandie Inn was known as the Hotel Chateau La Boheme, in the 1920s. In the late 1920s during the prohibition era the Normandie Inn was turned into a speakeasy.

Haunted History: During the time that the Normandie Inn was a speakeasy there was a young girl named Maria, or Sarah, while in the back bedroom on the 2nd floor she was brutally strangled to death. There have been claims from hotel guests that claim that there was a knocking on there door late at night, but when they opened the door there was nothing there, but they felt a cold chill and a draft. The guests seem to believe that it is Maria knocking on the doors late at night.

Hotel guests also claim to have felt cold spots all around the hotel, specifically when they are alone, strange whispering sounds of a young woman, and shadow people lurking around the premises inside of the hotel and on the outer grounds of the hotel property.

Hotel employees claim to have seen footprints appear in the carpet but there was no one walking around. They also claim to hear the sounds of service bells, but there weren’t any to be found. Employees also have claimed that they see apparitions in the kitchen area.

It has been said that there was a pile of bones found in the basement of the Inn during renovations either by the hotel employees or by the workers. The claim that they were not sure if they were animal bones or human remains, but when they went for help to find out more about the bones, when they returned the bones were missing and never found. Are these the bones of Maria’s strangled body, no one will ever know?

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