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Old Baptist Cemetery

Old Baptist Cemetery

A Brief History: The Old Baptist Cemetery of Coram is located near the intersection of Route 25 and Route 112 in Coram, across from 200 Old Middle Country Road, Coram New York 11727. The Cemetery was dedicated in 1731, 16 years prior to when the Baptist Church was built. It stood for 100 years until it was torn down in 1847 leaving only the Old Baptist Cemetery until 1858 when the Methodist Church was built.

In the Old Baptist Cemetery, you’ll find Revolutionary War Soldiers such as Daniel Hammond, Palmer Overton and William Sexton laid to rest. In 2009, Longwood Jr High Students assisted in the cleaning and setting of new gravestones for Revolutionary War Soldiers laid to rest at the cemetery.

Haunted History: There have been claims of seeing a shadowy figure lurking in the cemetery. People have also claimed to have felt cold spots throughout the cemetery.

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