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Orient Point Lighthouse

Orient Point Lighthouse

A Brief History: The Orient Point Lighthouse is located within a narrow gap between Orient Point and Plum Island called Plum Gut. The waters here are dangerous, rushing through at currents exceeding 5 knots causing white cap waves and riptides. Adding to this treachery is Oyster Pond Reef, which lies just below the surface, extending one-third of the way across the gap.

For years there was not even a marker to warn mariners of these dangers. However, in 1855, they started designs for it, placing a marker on the site where it would soon rest. Due to the hardness and weird arrangement of the reef rocks, building was delayed until about 1874 when finally, a pyramid shaped stone beacon was built. But alas, this beacon was short lived, being carried away by ice in 1896. In 1898 construction on the first lighthouse began, but as luck would have it, high storm winds damaged and sunk the structure.

By 1899, things started to look up for the lighthouse and by spring they were able to pour concrete to make a stable base and by early fall of that year, most of the structure was set in place. By November 1899, the lighthouse dubbed “the coffee pot” in those earlier years, was complete. It was updated the following year with a brighter light. By 1905, the lighthouse had undergone many updates.

Between when it was first opened, and 1970 when the coast guard removed personnel, at least 2 men perished trying to get to and from the lighthouse. By 2000 the lighthouse was fully automated and fitted with solar panels, making its dependency on keepers obsolete. By 2011, the coast guard declared that they no longer required its usage and put the lighthouse up for sale. After a failed bid, the lighthouse was finally purchased by auction by Randy Palumbo. The lighthouse can’t be reached by land and is not open to the public but can be seen while riding past it by ferry.

Haunted History: People have claimed when coming in and out of the harbor by the Orient Point Ferry they see an unusual light around the mid section of the lighthouse and then just disappear.

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