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Plum Estate

Plum Estate

A Brief History: The Plumb Estate is located in East Islip, New York. It is part of Heckscher State Park. The location gets its name from J. Neale Plumb who along with George C. Taylor owned property there in the latter part of the Nineteenth Century. It was later turned into a state park after facing steep opposition from nearby residents.

Neale Plumb was a retired wealthy former merchant in 1899 when he decided to settle a grudge against his nemesis, banker Alexander Masterton Jr. whom he blamed for trying to alienate him from his children. Plumb confronted Masterton inside the Burlington Hotel and shot him 5 times. Masterton died about one hour later. Plumb was arrested, but died himself of exhaustion from a Streptococcal pharyngitis, aka Strep infection before he could stand trial.

Currently part of the Plum Estate was removed from it’s original foundation and was moved to the town of Islip on main Street. It is now used for different types of businesses and offices.

Haunted History: People have claimed while walking on the trails by the old Plum Estate you can hear a horse pass by you, when there is no horse in the area. There are also claims that when you are walking in the trails were the Plum Estate once stood, you feel like your being watched, and followed. Is this the ghost of J. Neale Plum following, and watching you, or can it be the ghost of Alexander Masterton Jr. looking for revenge against Plum. The mystery remains.

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