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Rogers Mansion - Southampton History Museum

Rogers Mansion - Southampton History Museum

A Brief History: Rogers Mansion is located at 17 Meeting House Lane Southampton, New York. The land was settled in 1640 but current home was built c. 1843. The Southampton History Museum currently operates out of it.

Pre 1640: This land and the surrounding area was used by the Shinnecock Native Americans.

1640 – 1889: The Rogers Family, one of the founding families of Southampton came down from Lynn, Massachusetts to create a new settlement on Long Island. The Dutch has already settled what is now New York City and expanded partially eastward onto Long Island but the English hadn’t yet gotten a good foothold on the area. Once arriving in Southampton the settlers met with the Shinnecock Tribe who agreed to allow the Europeans to establish a settlement as long as they helped protect the Shinnecock against some of their more aggressive neighboring tribes. Around 1843 Captain Albert Rogers, a successful whaling captain and the 7thRogers to live on this land, built what is today known as the Rogers Mansion.

1889-1898:In 1889 Dr. John Nugent, a local medical doctor, purchased the home for his family to live in. Dr. Nugent would often see patients in his home office at the Rogers Mansion. He also was responsible for expanding the home slightly and building the large carriage house to the east of the home.

1898-1932:Samuel L. Parrish, a successful New York City lawyer born a Quaker in Philadelphia, purchased the home from Dr. John Nugent. He did so after moving his aging mother to Southampton some years earlier and falling in love with the area. Parrish used the home as a Summer residence but became very active in local life. He established the Parrish Art Museum, helped found the Shinnecock Golf Club, he helped establish the Rogers Memorial Library and the Southampton Hospital and played a pivotal role in establishing the nations first outdoor art school in Shinnecock Hills. He was even the Mayor of Southampton for a short time.

1932-1952:Shortly after Parrish’s death in 1932 the Southampton Village acquired the home. In this time the Rogers Mansion filled many purposes. It became a home for various organizations like the YMCA and Red Cross.

1952-Present:In 1952 the Southampton History Museum began to lease the property from the Southampton Village and started moving other buildings from around the area to establish a museum complex. Today the Rogers Mansion is open March-December, Wednesday-Saturday, 11am-4pm as a museum for the public to enjoy and learn about the history of Southampton.

Haunted History: Staff at the museum have reported as uneasy feeling of being watched, foot steps, shadow people and more recently physical contact. Many guests have also said to have had uneasy feelings of being watched and many workers (plumber, electricians, etc.) who have tended to the museum for many years have made mention of movement and unexplained noises in the basement. The staff has said that they think Cordelia Rogers, the second wife of Captain Albert Rogers who built the home, haunts the museum.

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