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Vanderbilt Estate

Vanderbilt Estate

A Brief History: Located at 180 Little Neck Road, in Centerport, New York is a gem of the Jazz age in America. The Vanderbilt Mansion nicknamed “Eagle’s Nest” was built for William K. Vanderbilt II. The property encompasses 43 acres of land. The mansion itself was built in three phases. The first stage was a 24-room Spanish revival mansion designed by the famous architecture firm Warren and Wetmore. Warren and Wetmore also designed and constructed Grand Central Terminal, Steinway Hall and the New York Yacht Club. The construction of Eagle’s Nest took from 1910 to 1936.

Vanderbilt’s will stated that the property would be donated to the county of Suffolk as a living Museum. Today the Museum is still in operation and open to the public. Most of everything at the estate is original including artwork linens and other furnishings. On the grounds there is a museum with butterflies, shells, birds and sea life. On the grounds there is also a boathouse, seaplane hanger and beautiful gardens with ponds and elaborate fountains. One of that main attractions at the estate is the Planetarium which was built where the tennis courts once were.

Haunted History: Through the years this iconic landmark has seen many visitors that have had there fair share of unusual occurrences. Visitors have claimed to have smelt cigar smoke throughout the mansion. Many visitors have even felt cold spots throughout the mansion. There were a few claims of seeing a female apparition in the courtyard of the mansion and disappear. So next time you visit the Vanderbilt Mansion you may experience something a little more than just history.

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