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All living things need some form of energy to move about and to be active. For example humans eat food and store the energy that is in the food, so later on they burn off the energy supply in whatever activities they are doing such as walking, jogging, etc. Plants take in the sunlight energy and carbon dioxide energy to photosynthesize. In theory, some investigators believe that when a ghost is trying to manifest, it will try and draw in any energy that is around the area. The ghost many try and draw energy from the investigators themselves, causing them to suddenly feel nauseous or tired. The ghost may draw from the electrical power from your batteries that are in the equipment you are using. Many investigators claim that they will get sudden battery drainage from the digital camera or video camera that they are using. This may be true, that their digital camera or video camera had drainage in battery power, because these two devices use up battery power fairly quick. If you have a digital camera, depending on the type, you may only be able to take about 20 photographs in the dark before the battery power dies out on a brand new battery. With a video camera, the viewfinder will use less battery power than having the LCD screen open to shoot video. In L.I.P.I. we will note any drainage of battery power on any of our equipment, especially our Energy Loss Meter. The Energy Loss Meter uses a 9-volt battery, and reads the exact voltage of the battery. If the meter is reading 9 volts and then all of a sudden starts to have a significant drop in voltage, it will be much more credible saying paranormal activity occurred, rather than saying that you used a digital camera or video camera and had a drop in power.

Energy Loss Meter, Digital Camera, Video Camera

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