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A Radio Frequency or RF is an electromagnetic wave frequency that usually ranges from 9kHz to 300GHz but not limited to.

Theory #1: The Radio Frequency Theory states that if a ghost/spirit wants to communicate with you it will try and do so by using radio frequencies that are available. Some of the devices that are available to receive radio signals are as follows: Walkie-Talkies, P-SB7 Spirit Box, Germanium Diode, The Hack Shack” Radioshack AM/FM radio and the Franks Box, which is also known as the “telephone to the dead”. While investigating, the ghost/spirit can try and communicate with you by using any available radio frequency in the area, being able to use direct communication with you. When using these devices you must be aware of the frequencies used in the area such as AM and FM Frequencies. These frequencies will pick up broadcasts from all over the area, such as news or music, that is normally broadcasted over AM or FM stations. When analyzing your data be sure to rule out any possibility that it can be a normal broadcast. If you happen to get real evidence using these devices it is called RVP Radio Voice Phenomenon.

Theory #2: The 2nd theory states that when a ghost/spirit is manifesting it will give off a radio frequency, that can be picked up by an RF meter.

Listed below are some of the devices used in testing this theory:

Walkie Talkies, P-SB7 Spirit Box, Germanium Diode
Digital Electro Smog Meter, Electro Smog Meter, Zap Checker, K-II Meter

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