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The Renovation Theory states that when renovations are made in a home or business paranormal activity will start to pick up because the ghost/spirit is disturbed, by all of the changes being made to the home.

Theory #1: If the ghost/spirit is a person that had died in the home/business and does not know that they are dead, they still remain in the home/business because it’s something that is familiar to them.

Theory #2: If the ghost/spirit was extremely attached to the house/business, they may return to the location.

Summary: When the renovations start to occur you are changing something that the ghost/spirit is familiar with and you are disturbing the ghost/spirit. Once the ghost/spirit realizes that things are changed around, then that could cause an increase in paranormal activity. Most of the time it’s a negative experience. Basically how would you feel if you came home one day and one of the rooms in your house were changed around. You probably wouldn’t be too happy.

Top: Before Renovation | Bottom: After Renovation

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