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The Flashlight experiment is an experiment that allows you to communicate with a ghost/spirit by having the ghost/spirit turn on a specific flashlight that you request. For example, if you are using 2 flashlights one of them red and the other one blue. You can ask the ghost/spirit to turn on a specific color flashlight, and in theory it will turn the correct one on, and then turn it off. The theory states that the ghost/spirit is able to complete the connection from an electrical impulse that is given off by the ghost/spirit. You can also set up the experiment by saying the red one is the answer yes and the blue one is the answer no.

In the set up process the best type of flashlight to use is a AA mini maglite. Turn on the flashlight and then while the flashlight is on unscrew the top until the flashlight goes off. In this process you must set it perfectly or the experiment will not work. Once you are set up, set the flashlights down and start asking questions.

NOTE: Maglites are made out of metal. By turning the flashlight on the flashlight will start to heat up and then when you unscrew the top of it the current is still flowing just not making a contact connection. When you place the flashlight down, the metal starts to cool down causing the metal to shrink a small amount, which then causes the connection to be made and causes the flashlight to light up. Once the flashlight is lit up the metal heats up causing the metal to expand and then the connection is lost causing the flashlight to dim out or turn off. This process will keep going until you stop the experiment.

When using 2 or more flashlights that’s when the experiment gets very interesting and that is when the theory is set in.


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