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Djinn – Plural meaning many

Djinni – Singular of Djinn

Djinniyan – Female Djinn

Arwaah – Adolescent Djinn

Djinn comes from the Arabic verb“Janna”which means to hide or conceal.

Djinn also translates to “The Hidden Ones”

Djinn – An entity created from a smokeless fire form, which in our world is a plasma being.

Origins of Djinn:

According to ancient lore Allahcreated Djinn with a smokeless fire.

According to the Qur’an,Djinn are also known as “Gods other people”were here on earth way before the first humans.

Birthplace of Djinn is the Middle East.

Djinn polluted the earth when they were here, so God created man for a new start. When Iblis the leader of the Djinn refused to bow down to Adam, God banished them to the 5thdimension.

Iblis asked Allah to prove man inferior. Allah granted Iblis the opportunity until judgment day to prove this. This is the reason why Djinn interfere with our world.

The earliest accounts of human contact with Djinn date back from 6000bce to 4000bce in ancient Arabia, Persia, Sumeria, Babylonia, and Assyria.

Characteristics of Djinn:

Superhuman strength, power to lift objects.

They can move extremely fast.

Smokeless form, plasma being. When seen will be a specific color. Plasma contains charged particles and change density, which could explain why they can shapeshift.

Djinn have a shapeshift ability but is limited:

  • They cannot shapeshift into Jesus, religious hierarchy, angels, and wolves.

  • Favorite forms of shapeshifting are:

Snakes Black cats

Goats Spiders

Jackals Toads

Black dogs Camels

  • Can shapeshift into humans and/or animals but there will be a flaw. They will have hairy legs and hoofed feet. Djinn will try to hide it but will be unsuccessful in doing so.

Mortal: They have a lifespan of about 10,000 years.

They are tricksters in nature

May have glowing red eyes or snake eyes.

Commonly seen as goblin like with long head and pointy ears.

Djinn have free will like humans and can choose between good and evil.

Djinn are bound to objects vessels, such as rings and other forms of jewelry. Example: Genie in a bottle.

Can appear and disappear at will.

They transport through air or dimensional doorways.

Can possess humans or animals.

You may be able to hear the sounds of a Djinn if there is white noise around.

Djinn were banished to the 5th dimension, but they can live here on earth. Some of the places they like to dwell in are as follows:

  • Caves

  • Deserts

  • Forests

  • Mountain Tops

  • Depths of the Sea

  • Holes in the Ground

  • Cemeteries

Characteristics of a Djinn Haunting:

Can cause misfortune, illness, possession, and/or death.

Tricksters: Movement of objects.

Can cause equipment malfunctions.

Genie in a bottle example: You get 3 wishes if you release a Djinn, but something always negative happens with the wishes. Usually the wish is used to undo the first 2 wishes that were granted.

Djinn can become infatuated with humans and have a strong connection to them.

Djinn can influence your emotions and invade your dreams causing nightmares to occur.

When a Djinn speaks reports have been that you may hear a ringing, buzzing, humming, static sound, or moaning sound.

Djinn make intermittent moaning or growling sounds, usually heard over white noise.

Types of Djinn: (Strongest to Weakest)

Black Red Blue Yellow Green


Types of Djinn:

Red Djinn

Very old and powerful Djinn.

They only worship Iblis and they want to destroy humanity.

They are the true terrorists of the universe (They will whisper bad thoughts into the ears of men and woman to carry out the worst of the worst criminal acts).

They collect human souls to become stronger.

They are eager to grant humans wishes for the price of their soul.

They were once Blue Djinn and broke all alliances with their family, and clan only following Iblis.

When shapeshifting they usually take on a reptilian form.

Responsible for possession, illness, and hauntings.

They are called Shaitan, Ghoul, Ifrit

Shaitan: – Mentioned in 87 verses in the Holy Qur’an. They are the worst of the worst Djinn. Can cause pure hell on ones life, death, illness, destruction, loss of everything, and possession. They are a rebellious Djinn associated with demonic forces.

Ghoul:– The offspring of Iblis. They shapeshift and have cannibalistic instincts that like to feed on the flesh and blood of humans, especially children, travelers, and bodies stolen out of gravesites. Ghouls only come out at night and lurk in cemeteries, ruins, and abandoned places.

Ifrit: – These Djinn from the command of King Solomon fetched the throne of Queen of Sheba. These Djinn are very powerful, evil, and hard to control. The Ifrit looks like a large winged creature, can either be male or female that likes to lurk in ruins.


Black Djinn

The most powerful of all Djinn.

The King of the Djinn world.

Leaders of the Blue Djinn, or clan leaders, or kings of larger clans.

Interaction with human race is extremely limited.

Associated with evil or black magic.

King Solomon used Black Djinn to control all other Djinn and if needed, the Black Djinn could punish them.

This Djinn is called Shamir


Blue Djinn

They are the smallest in numbers but can be at times the most powerful Djinn.

They have the power of the same as an angel.

They are the Elders and Clan leaders of the Djinn world.

They are ambivalent when it comes to humans, and rarely interact with us.

Most Blue Djinn will tolerate humans and may even help them out if another Djinn is interacting with us negatively.

They saved the Djinn race from extinction by defeating the Red Djinn (the worshippers of Iblis).

They are called Marid, Vetala, Afreet, and Nekratael

Marid: – These Djinn are large and powerful and have extraordinary powers. The term marid refer to giants in Arabic. They have the power to grant mortals wishes.

Vetala: – These Djinn are the vampires of the Djinn world, and are terrifying, but have the capability of being good. They are able to possess corpses causing the corpse unable to decay. This allows the Vetala to move more freely in the human world without being detected. They are extremely intelligent and are natural psychics. They have the ability to read thoughts and tell the future. These types of Djinn lurk in cemeteries.

Nekratael: – These Djinn are the oldest but weakest of the Djinn. They rely on manipulation, deception, and trickery. They shapeshift into black camels. They like to dwell in marshy, swampy regions.


Yellow Djinn

They are the middle aged Djinn with a considerable amount of power.

There power is less than the power of angels.

They come from fire and smoke.

They are the Family Leaders of the Djinn world.

They isolate themselves from other Djinn, Humans and the physical world.

We do not know a lot about the Yellow Djinn and have been rarely seen in history.

They are called Efreeti.


Green Djinn

They are the youngest and least powerful of all Djinn.

They are curious about humans and like to interact with us and explore our world.

They are tricksters in nature and like to play pranks on humans and other Djinn.

They can shapeshift into animals, and humans and have the ability to fly.

They are characterized by being playful, vengeful, cruel, quite temperamental, but sometimes may be kind.

They dwell in holes in the ground.

They are called Si’lat or Sila, Jann, Palis, Hinn, Aamar, Arwaah, Amir, Shiqq, and Nasnas.

Si’lat or Sila: – They inhabit an island in the China Sea. They are expert shapeshifters, being able to mimic the human appearance with ease, and are the smartest of the Green Djinn. They are fairly tolerant of humans, and like to hang around human affairs, usually to help.

Jann:– They live in the desert and are shapeshifters who take on the forms of whirl winds and white camels. They were the first type of Djinn to be encountered by humans and are open minded about humans. The Jann are the enemies of the Ghouls.