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Shadow People – Ghost/spirit like person that looks like a black shadow, but you cannot see through it.

Characteristics of a Shadow Person:

  • The majority appear to be make like, but have no gender

  • They range in size between 4 feet tall to 7 feet tall

  • They can be seen in a trench coat/cloak, or old fashion type coat, and top hat or appear to have no clothing features

  • They have some type of mass to them

  • The sounds when they communicate is a buzzing sound

  • They look 3-D in shape, opaque, and jet black

  • They have no eyes, and no facial features

  • Extremely fast almost like lightning speed

  • Usually very silent

  • They show up on pathways, walkways, roadways etc.

  • They will usually follow a specific path, but can walk through walls

  • They seem to have an objective with or without human presence

  • They have a sinister aura and seem evil in nature

  • They live or come from the 8thdimension

Characteristics of Shadow People Hauntings:

  • They react when there observed. (When you notice them they’re gone)

  • They do not obey physical laws, able to go through walls, ceilings etc.

  • Vanish/Fade away quickly especially when seen

  • Most of the times you see them when you just wake up from sleeping

  • They will watch you when you are working or sleeping

  • They like when the lights are dim or dark

  • They sometimes watch over you while you are doing an investigation, but they will stay out of the view of the cameras

  • Shadow People do not like to have their picture taken. They will disappear when you notice them

  • If there are animals present they will react negatively. Example: Cats will hiss, dogs will bark etc.

  • If a Shadow Person is seen in a particular area, animals will keep away from that area. Some people think that Shadow People leave a residue behind

  • Most people who believe they have seen a Shadow Person have felt fear, terror, panic etc.

  • Shadow People like to peak around doorways, windows, walls, trees, bushes etc.

  • A Shadow Person will never have any physical contact with you. (They will never touch you)

  • Shadow People may cause you to fall under sleep paralysis.

Classifications of Shadow People:

House Invaders

  • Sentinels: They stand in corners of rooms and watch you (usually found in corners, doorways, or closets)

  • Lurkers: They will lurk around a house in bedrooms and hallways watching you

  • Predators: They will hover or stand over your bed. The fear builds up and then disappears. There is a threat of injury and aggressive behavior, but there are no physical injuries or any physical contact. You may feel like your suffocating, or held down. Most people experience this when there are coming out of a sleep paralysis state.


Seem like they are from another world or other than human.


They are associated with bad luck, or death. They get attached to people or families. The person’s feelings of bad luck will not go away unless the shadow person goes away. If you see an Omen you may go bankrupt, a break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend, divorce, loss of job etc. Omens may show up in your bedroom.


Lurk around haunted locations. Example: Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Grave Yards, Parks etc.

Statements about Shadow People:

Shadow People are not human.

Some people have said that “It knows how to get you.” People are completely terrified when coming in contact with a shadow person. Possible reason for this is sleep paralysis.

They watch you from the woods. They look black and opaque. These types of shadow people are in Indian legends.

Shadow People have been around for a long period of time. They are in other cultures that have been around for a while.

Shadow People are in the woods looking for you or a house etc. If they are in the woods they can enter into your house.

Shadow People like to follow man-made trails, or a track.

Shadow People show up in basements of a building/house.

Shadow People may be linked/tied to a location or place.

Most Common Questions Asked about Shadow People:

Why are they watching us? Possible answers:

  • They are curious about us

  • They like to scare us

  • They are studying us

Are Shadow People spirits?

Answer: NO, shadow people are not spirits. They were never a human being.

Possible Explanations of Shadow People:

Ghosts: Some people may mistake a shadow person for a ghost and vise versa.

Astral Spirits/Astral Projection: When a person leaves their body at there own free will by meditation.

Shape Shifter Entities: Take on human form to be accepted in our world.

Demons: Some people think that because of the fear, panic, and terror you feel when you come in contact with a shadow person that it’s demonic. Some people also think that Shadow People are the pawns (lowest level) of the demon list. Other people do not think Shadow People are demonic they think that there just another type of haunting.

Old Hag(nightmare visitations): There are some people that experience bad dreams that relate to shadow people. An explanation of this could be sleep paralysis, because when the person wakes up they feel paralyzed, suffocating, choked etc. They also feel threatened, terrified, panic etc, which are all signs relating to sleep paralysis.

Thought Forms: This is where entities could rise out of human thought. The spirit also arises from emotional thoughts, or emotional events. Many people think that shadow people do not fit into this category.

Ultra Terrestrials: Considered to be the Moth Man. Moth Man lives in other dimensions but is earth oriented. Shadow People may fit into this category.

Extra Terrestrials: Aliens or alien abductions. Some people think that there is a connection between extra terrestrials and shadow people. Some say that the Shadow People are the drones of the alien world. They are here to spy on us in order to get information to pass back to the extra terrestrials.

Men in Black: They show up at locations usually at night after an event takes place. Example: UFO crash. They usually terrorize you by threatening you to not talk about the event.

Dealing with “Shadow People” Haunting:

How do you get rid of a Shadow Person?

  • Prayer always helps

  • Religious and spiritual symbols to ward off negative energy – Example: Cross, Star of David, Evil Eye, Black Onyx, etc.

  • Spiritual Cleansing

  • Environmental Cleansing

  • Emotional Harmony: Change in your emotional state to positive

  • Change in Environment: Sleep with the lights on. (Light energy may disrupt a shadow person’s energy.

  • Have cameras present: They do not like to be filmed and will try and stay away from cameras.

Drawings of Shadow People:

Some Shadow People may look like a blob.

Ex: Some investigators claim to see this at Waverly Hills Sanatorium. They call it “Big Black.

Front and side view

Most Shadow People are 6-7 feet tall. Many descriptions that people have given of Shadow People is that they have a cloak or trench coat like jacket with an old fashioned top hat. These are seen usually standing in doorways or from a distance watching you.


Female Shadow Person

Very rare.

Their height is usually about 5.5 fee tall.


Humanlike Shadow Person

Extremely tall from 7-8 feet.

They usually watch you, but when you notice them there gone.

Seen at Sagtikos Manor.

Also these are the ones that usually lurk over your bed while you sleep.


Humanlike Shadow Person

Smaller than other Shadow People.

From about 4.5 feet to 5.5 feet.

These are somewhat common.


They watch you from the woods.

They look tall, big, and dark.

These types of shadow people are in Indian legends.

They may watch you from outside of your house.

They may enter into your house from the woods.

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