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A Residual Haunting is a non-conscious; appear as animal, human, or any non-living thing. An example is the “Flying Dutchman”. The Flying Dutchman is a mariner that was condemned to sail the sees against the wind until judgment day. There have been reports of seeing his ship off of the Cape of Good Hope. There are no interactions with observations; it stays in the same location replaying the same event. A Residual Haunting can create both objective and subjective experiences for observers. In a Residual Haunting the ghost doesn’t even know your there. A Residual Haunting is basically a time in history that keeps repeating itself over and over again like a videotape. Some researchers say that some rocks such as limestone, magnetite, granite, and quartz can record events in history, and when the rocks get disturbed, they will release the event.

One of the most haunted places in the world that have hundreds of accounts of Residual Hauntings is Gettysburg. Many people claim to see a battle take place between Union and Confederate Solders, and they think that it is a reenactment taking place, later on realizing that there was no reenactments scheduled for the day.

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