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In magical tradition and ceremony, spirits, which govern the four corners of the earth and are, associated with, or reside within, the four basic elements.

Elemental Spirits:

  • Sylphs (East – Air)

  • Salamanders (South – Fire)

  • Undines (West – Water)

  • Gnomes (North – Earth).

Elemental Hautings:

These types of hautings are rare but do occur. Usually these types of hauntings occur when you move into or invade their territory. Once this occurs these types of hauntings are extremely dangerous and extremely hard to deal with. The types of things that can occur during an Elemental haunting is financial disruption, feelings of extreme depression, fatigue, problems sleeping or sleep deprivation, arguments with friends and family will occur etc. These types of entities will move objects or break objects, disturb you when you sleep, cause electrical disturbances, they will mess with your electronic devices, etc.

Dealing with Elemental Hauntings:

  • Religious blessings can help but don’t always work

  • Spiritual cleansings using sage and other types of herbs and essential oils works the best but must be extremely strong.

  • Giving something up as a form of apology to the elemental for disturbing them

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