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A haunting where the ghost acknowledges you and may sometimes try to communicate and interact with you. This type of haunting is usually startling when activity occurs because there is interaction with the ghost/spirit and you. There could be times when intelligent hauntings get very uneasy and are hard to deal with.

Some examples of why there could be an intelligent haunting:

  • A family member or friend who has passed away

  • A spirit that is attached to an area and a living person moves in on their space

  • A spirit that is attached to a specific object and a living person has possession of the object

  • A spirit that is attached to their body and they follow the body to it’s final resting place such as a cemetery.

  • A person that had a traumatic death may not know that they are dead.

Dealing with Intelligent Hauntings:

  • Religious blessing performed

  • Spiritual cleaning performed

  • Having the spirit follow the white light

  • Paranormal activity surrounding a specific object; removing the object from the location.

  • A change in attitude (being a more positive person) could clear the area of activity

  • A change in your environmental conditions could clear the area of activity

  • Having a reputable paranormal organization investigate your home and help you cope with the activity

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