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Photograph Evidence of Paranormal Activity Collected by Long Island Paranormal Investigators

photo by Tommy Caprio

The above picture is the one of the most striking photos LIPI members have seen.

Some say they see a man standing at attention possibly raising his left arm (facing the camera) in a salute.

Others say they see a man standing and holding something in his left hand out in front of him (a sword?).

Still others they see the entire image as the face and neck of a woman with long hair.

Taken at Five Corners Cemetery, Ronkonkoma, NY

A mist appears in lane 4 on the running track of Centereach High School. The murder took place in lane 5.

This mist was many feet away from the investigators. It is not breath.

Another very unusual glowing mass also photographed at Reid’s Ice Cream Factory.

It is too large to be a typical orb and it is not a smudge or dirt on the lens.

Still undetermined as paranormal or not. Analysis continues.

From Mt. Misery, site 1. This odd illumination was photographed as investigator Dimitri Haritos put out his arm and asked if anyone was here to take his hand. He reported his arm feeling cold (it was a warm evening) and this picture was immediately taken.

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