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Welcome to Long Island Paranormal Investigators!
(Not affiliated with any other Long Island group)

LIPI was founded in the spring of 2003 by Michael Cardinuto and Robert Levine. The group began as the result of exploring an old hospital building on Long Island. During the exploration they heard a loud banging noise in the building which could not be explained. Later while watched the video of the exploration they heard a loud banging that could not be explained. They  immediately became interested!

The group began researching the internet to find many urban legends and ghost stories on Long Island. Soon afterwards we went on our first official investigation to Sweet Hollow Road in Huntington. LIPI continues to investigate ghost stories and urban legends as well as receiving numerous requests to conduct private investigations on Long Island, in New York City, New York State and surrounding areas.

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Our goals are to:

  • Investigate the urban legends and ghost stories on Long Island to see if the are really haunted or not.

  • Helping people understand and cope with paranormal activity by performing private investigations of homes and locations where paranormal activity has been observed.

While performing investigations we use a scientific approach of “best practices” for our research. Some of the equipment we use on investigations includes cameras, EMF meters, temperature gauges, Geiger counters, digital audio and video etc. We investigate a suspected haunted site for a minimum of 10 hours (circumstances permitting) total to determine whether or not the site is in fact haunted. For each investigation the group completes a field report to keep track of how many times we’ve been on an investigation and keep track of all of our readings. When all of the field reports are complete we compile all of the data into one final report of the investigation site to determine if it is haunted or not. Click Here to read about the approach and methodology Long Island Paranormal Investigators uses to perform our investigations.

Our Awards and Honors

Lectures & Presentations attended by Long Island Paranormal Investigators

LIPI strives to maintain the free flow of information between individuals and groups with in the paranormal investigation community as well as keep informed about the latest paranormal developments. Throughout the years Long Island Paranormal Investigators has attended a number of lectures and presentations on the subject of the paranormal and will continue to attend events in the years to come.

The following is a partial list of the lectures and presentations LIPI has attended over the years:

Demonology by Keith and Carl Johnson – 6/2/2006 
EVP Sessions by Keith and Carl Johnson – 6/3/2006 
Q & A with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson – 6/3/2006 
Library Presentation Haunted Lake Ronkonkoma – 10/13/2006 
Q & A with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson – 12/8/2006 
Demonology by Adam Blai – 12/9/2006 
Shadow People by Rosemary Ellen Guiley – 3/30/2007 
Photographic Evidence by Patrick Burns – 3/30/2007 
Demonology by Adam Blai – 3/30/2007 
Crypto Zoology by Mark Macy – 3/31/2007 
Understanding Psychic Abilities by Chris Flemming – 3/31/2007 
Exorcisms by John Zaffis – 3/31/2007 
Religious Demonology by Adam Blai – 3/31/2007 
Spirit Box Communication by Chris Moon – 3/31/2007 
Q & A with Ghost Hunters – 3/31/2007< 
Urban Legends of Long Island by Paranormal Adventurers – 5/9/2007 
Paranormal Investigating: “The Evidence” by Keith, Carl, and Sandra Johnson – 9/22/2007 
Animal Instincts in the Paranormal by Donna LaCroix and Lisa Dowaliby – 9/22/2007 
Common Sense Approach to the Paranormal by Dave Schrader – 12/3/2007 
Scientific Proof by Marie D. Jones – 12/3/2007 
Haunted Evidence by Patrick Burns – 12/3/2007> 
EVPs Effective Methods of Gathering by Mark and Debby Constantinov – 12/3/2007 
Shadow People by Rosemary Ellen Guiley – 12/4/2007 
Breakthroughs in the Paranormal by Dr. Barry Taff – 12/4/2007 
Opening your Sixth Sense by Chris Flemming – 12/4/2007 
Demonology: A Case Study by John Zaffis – 12/4/2007 
Ghost Hunters Live by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson – 12/4/2007 
Haunted Shipwrecks by Paranormal Adventurers – 5/12/2008 
Panel Discussion: “I Want to Believe” by Dr. Michael Shermer, Ryan Buell, Loyd Auerbach Chad Calek, and Chip Coffey – 9/12/2008 
The Rise in Demonology by Keith Johnson – 9/13/2008 
The 21st Century Ghost Hunter by Brian Harnois – 9/13/2008 
Panel Discussion: “Paranormal and the Media” by Ryan Buell, Katrina Weidman, Joshua Gates, and Brian Harnois – 9/13/2008 
The Experience Constructive Discussion by Paranormal State – 9/13/2008 
Ouija Boards by Konstantinos – 9/13/2008 
Paranormal Science by Loyd Auerbach – 9/13/2008 
The Ghost Anatomy by Carl Johnson and Laura Casey – 9/14/2008 
Haunted Fire Island Lighthouse Presentation – 10/22/2008 
Tech Talk by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson – 11/9/2008 
Common Sense Approach to the Paranormal by Dave Schrader – 11/10/2008 
Demonology 101 by Father Andrew Calder – 11/10/2008 
Photographic Evidence by Patrick Burns – 11/10/2008 
Ghosts and Hauntings by Jeff Belanger – 11/10/2008 
The History of Spirit Communication by Jeff Belanger – 11/11/2008 
New Technology for Spirit Communication by Bill Chappell – 11/11/2008 
Crypto Zoology by Loren Coleman – 11/11/2008 
Stanley Hotel Group Panel Discussion – 11/11/2008 
The History of the Ouija Board by Robert Murch – 3/25/2011 
Hauntings by Steven Lachance – 3/26/2011 
Houdini Presentation – 3/26/2011 
The Sallie House by Debra and Tony – 3/25/2011 
Djinn by John Zaffis and Rosemary Ellen Guiley – 3/26/2011 
Crypto Zoology by Eric Altmann – 3/26/2011 
Helping the Client by Rev. Tim Shaw – 3/26/2011 
Paranormal Pop Culture by Aaron Sagers – 3/26/2011 
Paranormal Investigating by Jeff Belanger – 3/26/2011 
Urban Exploring by the Scared Crew – 3/26/2011 
Fire in the Sky by Travis Walton – 3/26/2011 

 Long Island Paranormal Investigators in the news

The following are some of the many examples of Long Island Paranormal Investigators work with local and national media to discuss topics of the paranormal.

  • LIPI featured on NBC New York News.

  • LIPI featured on Travel Channel’s “Most Terrifying Places In America 5″.

  • LIPI Lead Investigator Jaiem Fleischmann guest on The Jaco Show – Click Here for streaming audio.

  • LIPI Lead Investigator Jaiem Fleischmann guest on Koz Paranormal Radio

  • LIPI third guest appearance on Hot Paratalk radio – Click Here for streaming audio.

  • LIPI featured in National Geographic’s “Intelligent Traveler

  • LIPI featured in an episode of “For Your Island“.

  • LIPI guest appearance on HAR Talk Radio.

  • LIPI participates in the Fearnet project “Streets of Fear: Mount Misery Road“.

  • LIPI second guest appearance on GCGHA Paratalk radio – Click Here for streaming audio.

  • LIPI honored in the FDNY Uniformed EMT’s, Paramedics & Fire Inspector bulletin.

  • LIPI in Suffolk Life newspaper.

  • LIPI first guest appearance on GCGHA Paratalk radio – Click Here for streaming audio.
    Note: Broadcast starts approximately 1min 40sec into streaming.

  • “Watch our video “A Day In The Life – Paranormal Investigator“ (Parts 1 & 2)

  • As presented in the book Ghostpopulace by Troy Blackford.

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