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Evidence Gallery

Our Best Evidence of Paranormal Activity Collected During Investigations

by Long Island Paranormal Investigators

LIPI has performed thousands of investigations throughout Long Island, New York and surrounding areas. Below are links to pages that display the best evidence of paranormal (ghost, spirit, etc) activity we have recorded to date.

Unfortunately ghosts and the paranormal can not be made to perform on command. It can be many investigations to the same location to collect a single piece of good evidence.

We have organized our evidence into three categories:

  1. Documented Evidence – This is “hard” tangible evidence that we have collected during our paranormal investigations. They include photographs, EVP recordings, video etc.

  2. Personal Experience – This type of “soft” evidence represents the observations and feelings of LIPI members during our paranormal investigations. Feels, observations and opinions while important can not be documented other than noted in our investigation logs. These include EMF readings, cold spots encountered, seeing a shadow or ghostly figure, hearing strange noises, empathic feelings about an area etc.

  3. False Evidence – We added this section to show how careful paranormal investigators have to be when reviewing evidence. Too often paranormal researchers are too quick to label evidence as genuine examples of ghost or spirit activity.

Why so little evidence?

The members of Long Island Paranormal Investigators holds ourselves to a very high standard for paranormal evidence. As such we scrutinize the evidence we collect very carefully and critically. We do not, for example, generally consider orbs or light streaks to be reliable evidence of paranormal activity. Many items of possible evidence other paranormal group would immediately accept we can not in good professional conscience. 

For this reason much of what we have collected during our years of conducting paranormal investigations, while possibly paranormal, we do not feel is of sufficient certainty to be presented here as evidence of paranormal activity.

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Please be aware, this Page will be under maintenance as we go through our 20 years of evidence and find a way that that we may best present it to the public. Please keep an eye out on our any of our media platforms as we will be keeping updated as we post more evidence. 

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Paranormal Evidence From LIPI Investigations

Photographs  |  Video  |  EVP Recordings  |  False Evidence

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