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Cryptozoology – The study of animals who are believed to exist, but no evidence of them has been found. (ex. – Bigfoot)

Humanoids – Having an appearance of characteristics resembling a human.

Bipedal – The use of 2 legs for walking.

Animals – A mammal, as opposed to a bird, fish or insect.

Flying Beasts – A large or dangerous animal that is able to move through the air with wings.

Lake/River/Sea Monsters – A thing, animal or creature that is large and frightening that lives and hides in the water.

Origins of Crytozoology:

  • Crypto comes from the Greek verb which means to hidden and zoology is the study of animals.

  • The term “Cryptozoology” was first used in 2 articles written about sea serpents in 1947 and 1948 respectively by Ivan T. Sanders. It was later coined by Bernard Heuvelman in the book On Track of Unknown Animals in 1955.

  • It wasn’t until On Track of Unknown Animals in 1955 that Bernard Heuvelman suggested cryptozoology should be examined with an open mind but be scientific in research.

Types of Cryptids:

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Animal          Flying Beasts          Sea Monsters          Humanoid

Recommended Reading:


American Monsters – by Linda S. Godfrey


Cryptozoology A to Z – by Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark

Modern Cryptozoologists:


Loren Coleman – Author and Founder of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

Craig Woolheater – Writer and Co-Founder of Cryptomundo.


Linda S. Godfrey – Author and Investigator.

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