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Evidence Gallery - False Evidence

False Evidence of Paranormal Activity Collected by
Long Island Paranormal Investigators

These pieces of paranormal “evidence” are offered as examples of how easy it can be for a paranormal investigator to be fooled or mislead but evidence. Each piece of evidence here has been thoroughly reviewed and conclusively proven not to be paranormal but rather very much having a reasonable and practical explanation. See our discussion of False/Fake Evidence for more insights.

False Photographs


The apparent fish-like orbs in these two photos taken at Mt. Misery were proven to be the result of
light entering a faulty 35mm camera.

The bright orb in the upper left of this photograph is really a street light for the road that is
at the end of the over-pass along Sweet Hollow Road.

The blue/orange wavy line across the top of this picture is a film development flaw.
Taken under the over-pass along Sweet Hollow Road.

All these orbs are just humidity at Suffolk County Potter’s Field.

A false mist (someone’s breath) taken on the running track at
Centereach High School.

Look at all these orbs! So much paranormal activity – NOT!
All these orbs are just dust inside an old building. It would be easy to mistake them for paranormal orbs,
especially given the history of the location. But this many orbs inside an old structure is rarely paranormal.

The above two pictures, though dramatic, are the result of breath in a very cold and humid environment.
They were in fact made to happen on purpose during an investigation at Suffolk County Potters Field to
illustrate how easy it could be to photograph something that appears paranormal but is not.

Both of these streaks of light may first look like a vortex. But later investigation showed it was just the reflection off the silver metal antenna on the car. Take at Sweet Hollow Road.

This picture would seem to show a shadow figure in the mirror.
But it’s just the reflection of LIPI Lead Investigator Moshin Marghoob (on the bed).
Taken in room 506 of the Fairfield Marriott during the 2nd TAPS Paranormal weekend.

This picture is even more spectacular as it would appear to be a full body shadow figure in the mirror.
However it is only the silhouette reflection of LIPI Investigator Michael Bainbridge.
Taken in room 316 of the Fairfield Marriott during the 2nd TAPS Paranormal weekend.

This picture at first appears to show a light streak or vortex. However, it is simply the result of a long shutter
exposure, the camera being moved, and a lit candle in the lower left part of the picture (not in the picture,
just out of camera sight). The picture was taken during our investigation of a private house in Bellport, NY.


Three unusually bright objects appear in these photographs taken at Suffolk County Potters Field.
Although initially they looked compelling due to the brightness and density of these objects
additional analysis has determined these were caused by the high humidity in the area that night.

Initial analysis lead us to believe these were likely pictures of ectoplasm.
However, additional review determined they are likely just breath caught on camera.
Photographed at Ried’s Ice Cream Factory.

This unusual glow photographed at Hanging Tree was ultimately determined
to be just a flashlight beam reflecting off the ground.

This orb although is very dense and round is only a dust orb.
Photographed at Raynham Hall, Oyster Bay.

A “classic” donut-shaped dust orb from the nursery room at Raynham Hall.

False EVPs/Audio

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Date: August 2007
Location: Rolling Hills Asylum
Description: This false EVP was recorded on an analog cassette recorder in the HQ/Cafe room at approximately 4:00am. It appeared to be a human heart beat drawing closer and closer to the recorder! However, the recording takes place with in the last 2 minutes of the tape running out. We concluded this is not an EVP but rather the sound of the cassette spindle *thumping* slightly as the final feet of tape unwound.

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