Descriptions of Animal Cryptids:


Beast of Busco – Also known as “Oscar” this giant snapping turtle’s legend began in 1898 near Churubusco, Indiana. It wasn’t until July of 1948 that it was seen again.




Chupacabra – Also known as “the goat sucker” is one of the newer type cryptids being first sighted in 1995 in Puerto Rico. Said to have 2 types of Chupacabra, a reptilian and a canine kind. It is said to make an odd noise when is sucks blood. Commonly seen in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.



Ozark Howler 
– This bear sized large predatory cat with large horns is considered a hybrid of a mountain lion and an unknown creature. While no first-hand story exists, the story has been passed down for many years with the latest sighting occurring in 2011. It is said to reside in The Ozark Mountains in Arkansas.




Shunka Warakin – Said to be a wolf/hyena hybrid, its name means “carries off dogs”. The only claim to its existence is when on was said to have been shot in 1886 by Israel Ammon Hutchens in Sun Ranch, Montana. It was acquired by a taxidermist who had it on display in a combo museum/general store in Herys Lake, Idaho. It went missing for a time but was rediscovered in 2007.



Wampus Cat – A large predatory Panther like cat with glowing eyes. It is said a witch turned herself into it. Other stories say a Cherokee woman was casted into the beast while trying to spy on her husband while wearing animal hide as punishment. Most sightings occur in Eastern Tennessee.


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