Descriptions of Humanoid Cryptids:



Bigfoot – A term used to describe many types of hairy, heavy, bipedal humanoid ape, also known as the North American Sasquatch. It is said they stand at 8 to 10 feet tall. They are most commonly seen in California, Oregon and Washington State.





Honey Island Swamp Monster –Reports of this swamp beast date back to 1963 in the Honey Island Swamps of Louisiana. Some believe it is an evolved type of Bigfoot. Said to stand over 7 ½ foot tall and possibly weighing over 400 lbs. with webbed hands and feet, while covered un a thick grey/brown hair. It also has yellow reptile like eyes and emits a powerful odor.





Fouke Monster– This Arkansas type Bigfoot was originally sighted in 1946. Also, called the Boggy Creek Monster, this bipedal is said to be a giant human ape creature with long arms, long hair and 3 toes on each foot. It’s also described as having bright red eyes.





Knobby– This Cherokee version of Bigfoot is also called Tsul ‘Kalu and resides in Cleveland County, North Carolina. Earliest European records date back to 1823 but stories go back even earlier than that. It is said to be ape like with a human face. It was last sighted in 2015.





Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp –Some believe this humanoid reptile is an evolved dinosaur. Having 3 toes and 3 fingers all webbed. This 7 foot plus lizard man was first reported in 1987 in the swamplands of Lee County, South Carolina, with green scaled rough skin, long black nails and orange eyes. It was last sighted in 2011.






Loveland Frogmen –First sighted in 1955 on a long road alongside the Miami River in Loveland, Ohio these reptilian humanoids with frog like heads have had many encounters as recent as 2016. They are said to be 3-4 feet tall weighing as much as 75lbs.




Mogollon Monster –This Bigfoot type monster was first seen in 1903 near the Mogollon Rim, Arizona. A nocturnal beast standing over 7 feet tall with red eyes, long black or reddish brown hair is said to make a whistling sound and eats deer by decapitating them first. The last sighting was in 2006.






Momo– Only sighted in 1971 and 1972 this overly hairy and furry beast has a large pumpkin shaped head, leaves a terrible odor and stands over 7 feet tall.







Mothman– A humanoid type monster Standing at 7 feet tall with a wingspan that stretches from 10-15 feet. Also, considered a flying beast due to its owl-like features with glowing red eyes. Some say it is a sign or death omen to witness the creature and usually tragedy occurs soon after a sighting. First sighted in Clendenin, West Virginia back in 1966, it is most common sighting occurred in 1967 right before the collapse of the Silver Bridge on December 15th. Sightings continue to this day.




Puckwudgie –A 2-3-foot-tall Bipedal with the back of a porcupine and the front looks like a troll. Said to be smooth and grayish but at times gives off a glow. According to the Wampanoag Natives it can appear and disappear at will. They Attack or lure people to their deaths, have poison arrows and create fire at will as well as magic. They are said to inhabit Freetown Forest in Massachusetts.




Pope Lick Monster– The part man- part goat creature is said to live beneath a Norfolk southern railroad trestle near Louisville, Kentucky. While no first-hand sightings have occurred, this urban myth has existed for a long time.






Skunk Apes– Also called the Myakka is another Bigfoot type creature living in Southern Florida. It gets its name from its terrible odor. First reported in the 1960s and 1970s but in 1974 many reports of the beast were filed with police in Dade County. It was last sighted in 2016.




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