Descriptions of Flying Beast Cryptids:



Big Bird – This cryptid is said to stand at 5 feet with bat-like wings, featherless monkey face and a long beak. First sighted over Rio Grande Valley in Texas on January 1st,1976.






Jersey Devil – The legend of the Jesery Devil also known as the Leeds Devil, dates to 1735 when a woman from Leeds Point gave birth to a hideous cursed child that had the head of a horse, cloven hooves, a serpent like tail and the wings of a bat. Said to haunt the Pine Barrens and has had over 2,000 sightings.




Mothman– A humanoid type monster Standing at 7 feet tall with a wingspan that stretches from 10-15 feet. Also, considered a flying beast due to its owl-like features with glowing red eyes. Some say it is a sign or death omen to witness the creature and usually tragedy occurs soon after a sighting. First sighted in Clendenin, West Virginia back in 1966, it is most common sighting occurred in 1967 right before the collapse of the Silver Bridge on December 15th. Sightings continue to this day.



Thunderbirds – 
This giant predatory bird that has been seen in Illinois and Pennsylvania dates to Native American times. Said to look like a Pterodactyl or a modern dragon. The most famous report occurred in 1890 when 2 cowboys from Arizona claimed to have killed one. Some say it is a large condor like bird. The last sighting was in 1977.


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